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Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off | Auto Discount At Checkout

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The Winds of Change are Blowing - Guide to Boho Wellness

The Winds of Change are Blowing - Guide to Boho Wellness


Can you feel it in the air, my fellow free spirits? There's a shift happening - a reawakening to more holistic, mindful ways of living. We boho's have always danced to the beat of our own drums, following meandering paths rather than crowded highways. But now more than ever, as our complex world faces growing pains, our community is turning inward to re-center and refresh.

What is “Boho Wellness,” you ask? It’s a celebration of holistic wellbeing - nurturing our body, mind, and spirit with the same wide-eyed wonder and wandering feet we bring to life’s journey. It’s about stopping to smell the sage along the way. It’s yoga under the stars, herbal tea by candlelight, writing poetry to plant wisdom. It’s a synergy of slowed-down principles that have enriched bohemian culture for ages.

And the perks of integrating these holistic habits? Less stress. More presence. An illuminated path forward where we can march to the beat of our own bodacious drums. Intrigued about what exactly “Boho Wellness” means and how to dive deeper? Slip into something comfortable, brew a warm cup of oat milk chai, and keep reading!

The Mindful Magic of Meditation

Let’s start by getting centered, shall we? At its heart, boho wellness is about being present - synthesizing awareness of our inner and outer worlds. And one of the best tools for cultivating presence is meditation. Studies continue to reveal that a regular meditation practice relieves stress, eases anxiety, promotes emotional health, and even enhances our capacity for compassion. Talk about good vibes!

And the beautiful thing about meditation is that it can take infinite forms - you can meditate while gardening, conducting a tea ceremony, writing in a journal, dancing ecstatically under the stars! There’s no wrong way to slip into a meditative state. Beginning a daily sitting practice is excellent, but mindfulness permeates all facets of holistic living.

So in the boho spirit of following our bliss, I encourage you to play with different styles! Chant with devotional Kirtan music, observe thoughts like passing clouds, let your ecstatic dance be a walking meditation. Bring that presence into creating art, connecting with loved ones, stargazing - infuse whatever nourishes your soul with mindful intention. Our outer reality blossoms from the inner soil we cultivate.

Yoga for Harmony & Flow

If meditation is the soil, then yoga poses are the rainbow blooms! What wondrous tools for integration and balance. Did you know the word “yoga” means to join or yoke together? Through breath and body-centered awareness, yoga interweaves all aspects of our being. It aligns us inside and out.

I think that’s why we bohemian wayfarers feel so at home flowing through vinyasas or holding strong in warrior pose! Yoga provides the spaciousness we need from our winding off-the-beaten-path journeys while grounding us firmly in our power. It allows us to shape-shift - exploring new ways of being in each pose - while honoring where we are right now, exactly as we are.

Truly, is there anything more boho than that? Yoga reminds us we can elevate our consciousness while celebrating our humanity!

There are so many insightful branches on the yoga tree - slow burning Hatha, sweaty Ashtanga flows, gentle Yin just to name a few. Like choosing essential oils for your diffuser, explore which “flavor” best fits your mood! And consider complementing your asana practice .

Herbal Craft & Plant Wisdom

Oh, the glories Mother Earth offers us through her green apothecary! Since the ancient days of wise medicine women stirring their cauldrons, herbalism and botanicals have had a place of honor in the bohemian abode. After all, nearly every culture features herbs for healing in their ancestral traditions. Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, European apothecary - nature’s pharmacy spans across continents!

And modern research is catching up, revealing medicinal properties of herbs  have appreciated for ages - chamomile to soothe nerves, Rhodiola Rosea to banish brain fog or holy basil to uplift moods. Favorites like gingko, ginseng, matcha and cacao also enhance focus and cognition.

I encourage you to allow your inner earth mama to run wild through the green aisles of nature’s bounty! Study the Energetics of different herbs. Infuse your own oil blends. Mix wellness teas or add Adaptogens to your smoothies. Let wise plants inspire your self-care routine! Gotu Kola for glowing complexion, calendula-infused body oil to feed skin, power-packed maca in your morning latte - opportunities abound to invite Mother Nature’s gifts into your inner and outer temple.

Holy basil, feather your boho nest! Rhodiola, rose and elder, come settle the mind and rest!

The Storytelling Power of Art Journaling

We wild-hearted children have always found enchantment in creative rituals! Reading poetry, songwriting, photography, dance - bohemians consider them soul food, emotional processing and magical craft all swirled into one. After all, conveying our perspective through creative outlets births understanding - of ourselves and the collective.

Let’s linger a little longer with one such portal for self-discovery - art journaling. Part scribbled diary musings, part sketchbook, part meditation practice, art journals weave words, colors, ephemera and instincts together on paper. Anything goes - paint Radiant truths, collage your dreams, paste inspiring quotes - no need to censor the muse!

Art journals offer us space to wander outside the lines of everyday perception. And in meandering without destination, we can unlock our deepest wisdom. By mindfully sifting through subconscious layers, gluing together snippets of our journey thus far, we permit long-standing stories to alchemize.


So my fellow travellers, gather your glitter pens, ribbons, pastels and get decoupaging! Allow the child-like part of you to sing colors onto paper. Find freedom in the flow state that comes through moving meditatively across pages. Discover the incandescent under your wings through unfiltered creative channeling! Or as the great poet Rumi invites...“Let the beauty we love be what we do!”


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