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Our brand

In the midst of an awe-inspiring backpacking escapade through the vibrant landscapes of Rajasthan in August 2021, the spark for Crystal Heal was ignited by three adventurous souls. It was amidst the enchanting backdrop of breathtaking sunsets, mesmerizing architecture, and the rich tapestry of culture that our hearts were captivated, leaving us breathless

As we explored the diverse traditions and encountered a myriad of people adorned in peculiar yet fascinating attire, the seed of inspiration took root. The kaleidoscope of colors and designs we witnessed sparked a vision within us – a vision that would lead to the creation of our very own clothing line.

Our Commitments

“We carry the story of the people who made our clothes.”

– Ali Hewson

Join us on our journey

As we embark on this journey, Crystal Heal is not just a brand; it's a beacon of hope for a fashion-forward world that cherishes both style and sustainability. We invite you to join us in this revolution, where each purchase becomes a conscious choice, and together, we weave a narrative of elegance, responsibility, and positive change.