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You Can Thank Us Later - Benefits & Healing powers of Gemstones - Crystal Heal

You Can Thank Us Later - Benefits & Healing powers of Gemstones

In INDIA, people strongly believe in investing in gold for the family's financial security. However, when it comes to investing in their future health, wealth, and prosperity gemstones have been the favorites for centuries. The healing powers are an additional benefit to versatile and beautiful gemstones that do not require an excuse to add to your jewelry. Here we are sharing brief healing powers and benefits of celebrated gemstones we have used in our gemstones collection. 

Tiger Eye: This golden to the red-brown color stone used in our Tiger eye cash necklace from the gemstone collection, is believed to lessen chronic pains, improve the strength of spines and detoxify the body. Bringing clarity, focus, and clearing the self-doubts is what helps the wearer stay grounded.

 Opal: This stone is gleaming with colors and healing powers and is among the most desirable stones. It is believed to treat infections and fevers, purify blood and kidneys, cure eye-related problems and improve the immune system. It balances the energies within the body, renews hope, and supports good karma. It's used in our Golden shell necklace from the Gemstone collection.

 Amethysts: Available in shades of purple this is known as a powerful protective stone. It is believed to heal respiratory tract and lung diseases, skin conditions, cellular disorders and strengthen the immune system. With powerful healing and cleansing properties, it incites spiritual wisdom and selflessness. Dragon Blade necklace is showcasing the aura of this brilliant gem.

 Red Jasper: The red Jasper stone which is also known as a stone of endurance, is very easily available all over the world. It is believed to purify and strengthen the liver and blood. It enhances stamina, balance, courage, and wisdom and wards off negative vibrations. It's used in a Red Jasper moon necklace from our gemstone collection.

 Labradorite: With the body color of grey, it's available in various color contrasts and is a semi-precious stone. It has many healing properties like treating eye disorders, lowering and controlling blood pressure, healing wounds from the inside, relieving anxiety and stress, balancing hormones, and many more. It is believed to strengthen your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Check out our Magic Bracelet. made of labradorite.

Turquoise: Loved by the fashion industry for ages this is a precious stone in green to blue turquoise colors. Known for self-realization and creative problem solving, it cures high bp, stress, depression, and alcoholism, stabilizing mood swings and infusing inner calm. It fosters understanding amongst the partners leading to a healthy relationship. Take a look at the turquoise used in our Turkish Bracelet.

Onyx: Commonly seen in black to white colors onyx is known as a protector from evil. It has plenty of healing properties which include strengthening the heart, kidney, hair, and eyes, treating sleeping disorders, neurological disorders, glaucoma, and disorders of bones, bone marrow, and blood. Protecting evil energies restores happiness and good fortune. Onyx is enhancing the beauty of our Axum Cross Necklace.

Black Obsidian: Found mostly in jet black color black obsidian is a grounding stone. It is supposed to regulate your blood flow, keep your heart healthy, and aid digestive problems, gallbladder problems, deep tissue healing, etc. It cleanses your aura and shields you against negativity. We have acknowledged its black elegance with our Dragon blade necklace.

Even if you don't have faith in the magical and healing powers of Gemstones, you can wear them for the sheer purpose of enhancing your looks by adding gemstones to your jewelry and accessories. You won't be disappointed with the results.

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