Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off| Auto Discount At Checkout

Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off | Auto Discount At Checkout

Due to the holidays, All order will ship out after June 19th. We appreciate your patience and understanding


Each final product at Crystal Heal is handmade from the best raw materials and that’s what makes our products unique. The fabrics, print and other hardware used are made from scratch by our long-chained team of skilled workers. We use 100% organic and chemical free dyes and fabrics to make our creations come alive and ready to flatter our consumers.

As you have taken a step towards sustainable fashion by shopping from Crystal Heal, we would like you to follow some eco-friendly clothing care practices, which can also be a part of your sustainable lifestyle.

While we take time to make your order, here are a few clothing care instructions for you.

  1. Check the in-seam tag – Ideally, handwashing is the best eco-friendly practice, but since so many of our consumers are used to fast paced life, we understand the need of using a washing machine. Check the tag for the temperature of water to be used while machine washing of clothes. Also, use the delicate setting mode, placing particularly delicate pieces in a lingerie wash bag.
  2. Wash in Separate Colour Families – As we use natural dyes, the surface dyes may come out of some clothes, particularly in a first few washes. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the blues with blues, greens with the greens and so on. This helps the fabric to retain its original colour and not tie-died.
  3. Use good quality detergent – Always use quality washing products, as harsh detergents and soaps will reduce the life of the garment and stiffen the natural threads. As the basic quality of the garment will be hampered, it may cause discomfort. Strong stain removers can be used sometimes, as per the need. 
  4. Wash Less – It is not at all necessary to wash the garments on a regular basis. You can air dry them in a shady spot for sometime for them to air clean themselves. This may not remove the dirt, but will make the garment cleaner for you to use them again. If there is a stain on the cloth, try to wash off the stain only, not the whole garment. This will not only increase the shelf life of the product will also reduce the usage of water, ultimately benefitting the environment.
  5. Air Dry – Our products are made of 100% natural fabrics and thus require natural drying methods. Simply hang the clothes in a shady and airy spot and allow them to dry as it is. Do not hang the clothes in direct sun, as access heat will stiffen the fabric. While ironing the garment, turn the garment inside out and use the iron at minimum heat setting. Do not wring the clothes to hard, as it will hamper the natural shape of the threads.  

This clothing care guide has been put together for you to have the best and long-lasting experience of our products with minimal environmental impact.

Happy Sustainable Shopping!