Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off| Auto Discount At Checkout

Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off | Auto Discount At Checkout

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Hemp: A magic fibre - Crystal Heal

Hemp: A magic fibre

What is Hemp ?

If you look at the history of Hemp, it has been one of the earliest cultivated plants and the oldest woven fabric. Hemp is the strongest natural fabric that is produced from the Cannabis Sativa family. Though many people confuse Hemp with Marijuana, well they are not the same. Hemp contains very low levels of THC (about 0.3%), the psychoactive substance that gets you high. 

Hemp grows wildly in a particular atmosphere and also requires less care, space and water. The fabric production per acre is also more than regular cotton. Hemp has now been used for years as Hemp is not only strong, but it also holds its shape, stretching less than any other natural fiber including cotton. This prevents hemp products from stretching out or becoming distorted with use.

Reasons to use Hemp:- 

Environmental friendly:- The hemp plant only takes 3 months to grow during which it absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen, all the while its root system is restoring the soil. It also grows without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemicals. Switching to Hemp Clothing would mean planting more Hemp plants which help the process of CO2 absorption from the atmosphere at a faster pace as compared to other trees. These environmental benefits of Hemp will help humanity to combat climate change.

Hemp is good for your body:- The fabric of Hemp has antimicrobial properties, that makes your clothes stay cleaner for a longer time and prevents the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Long lasting fabric:- Unlike garments made from other materials, which become distorted with multiple uses, hemp clothing holds its shape and lasts much longer. The clothing made from Hemp fabric is incredibly comfortable and this fabric is that it gets softer with every wash.

All season usage:- Hemp is probably the only fabric that can be worn for the whole year. As this fabric is hand woven, it has many air pockets between the threads, making it a comfortable summer wear. The fabric also has the quality of drying up quickly and therefore can be easily worn in monsoon. Hemp also has qualities of jute, which prevents the body heat to escape which makes it a good fit for winters as well

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