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Bohemian Fashion Style - an understated fashion alternative - Crystal Heal

Bohemian Fashion Style - an understated fashion alternative

Bohemian style is a fashion style that is not just about clothes but more about creativity, artistic expressions and gender neutrality. Bohemian is basically a synonym to a counterculture, associated with creativity, artistic expression, as well as that disregards normalcy of social constructs and mainstream aesthetics.

This whole concept kicked off in the late 60s and 70s when the French revolution came to an end and the country was in great poverty. What started as a way of life by homeless and gypsy kind of people ended up turning into a fashion statement with time. In those uncertain times people started following more sustainable ways of dressing where they chose secondhand clothes and sometimes created their own clothes with natural fabrics. This eventually became a fashion style very much adorned by creative minds which helped them express themselves through their attires.To go back on history it started off in a small region called Bohemia hence it was coined as bohemian style. And with the current generation it has become more of a household term. 

This fashion style is more of a hippie inspired style and is completely out of what is actually in trend, it precludes more relaxed clothing choices and it does not majorly focus on being gender centric. The best part is that it is eco-friendly. In bohemian fashion we believe in creations developed out of sustainable plant based fabrics with natural dyes over chemicals and poly fabrics. This makes it very reasonable and skin friendly keeping allergens and other skin related concerns far away. Bohemian style purely promotes sustainability, comfort and the freedom to be yourself and express yourself in the best way possible. It's all about having an alternative fashion solution over fast fashion which is majorly contributing to climate imbalances gradually like a slow poison. Bohemian fashion style gives you the best possible opportunity to contribute positively towards nature along with the privilege of expressing yourself.

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