Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off| Auto Discount At Checkout

Yoga Day Sale | Jun 16 - 21 | 25% Off | Auto Discount At Checkout

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Slow down, its fashion not a race - Crystal Heal

Slow down, its fashion not a race

Slow Fashion was first coined by the sustainable fashion pioneer Kate Fletcher. She recognised the need for a slower pace in the fashion industry which had for the past years thrived on consumerism.

The trend is an antidote to the existing movements in the fashion industry as it  considers the processes of clothing production on sustainability and ethical choices within fashion. It supports clothes made out of high sustainable quality materials, clothes that are being recycled and involves proper working conditions for everyone which make clothes leave a less negative impact on the earth. Some common use of materials involves:

  1. Recycled or Organic Cotton
  2. Organic Hemp
  3. Organic Linen

These materials are very sustainable and are skin friendly as it does not contain any bad chemicals to cause an allergic reaction or such. It is comfortable and 100% climate friendly as well. The clothes are locally handmade which therefore strengthens it’s durability for a longer period of time.Slow Fashion is therefore a part of an overall sustainable fashion trend that has emerged over the past years which has come to stay and will continue to grow.

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